Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Making a Statement...

Hi Family and Friends,

Have I lost it or what? No just wanted to make a statement about myself and life as I see it. At 63 years old I got my first and most likely one and only tattoo I will ever have. Yes it hurts a bunch to have done. Here is my creation, of course I had to have a tattoo artist put to ink my thoughts.

Here is my interpretation of my tattoo. The bicycle rider is me of course, the upper background is the rising sun a symbol for a new day/new life, the lower dark area is the earth from which we came, the butterfly represents joy, happiness, rebirth and renewal of life for which many Christians as well as other ancient and current cultures seek. The word “Nika” comes from a battle in 532AD during the Byzantine Empire, when all looked lost for the Empire Victory finally prevailed. Thus “Nika” loosely translates to “Victory” against overwhelming odds. Here’s my take on the whole picture, my passion for bicycle riding is helping me cope with hardships of life, such as the loss of my father in-law and good friends, to be victorious in my journey to a renewed happiness for life now and forever more.

What do you think? Pretty heavy stuff coming from a lowly educated old fat guy reaching his golden years, some thought I’d never make it this far myself included.

May your dreams and aspirations live as a fire within you to reach for the stars and follow your heart to a life of joy and happiness within your soul.

God Bless!

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